_MG_4895-smallWith two fully automated, high speed, band-oven production lines in our 160,000 square-foot facility, Nafta Foods provides one-stop service for formulations, baking and packaging. Our first baking line was installed in 1997 when we began the production of gingerbread houses. Since that time, we have branched out and evolved, now producing a total of four types of cookies which include:

  1. Molded
  2. Cut-Out all of our gingerbread houses are made of cut-out cookies
  3. Wire-Cut
  4. Co-Extruded these cookies combine two colours and flavours


Our cookies not only offer variety but are:

  • Healthy
  • Have low sodium content
  • Available with zero trans fat
  • Available in Kosher
  • Manufactured in a nut free environment


Our baking tunnel, which spans 150 feet and has a 600-foot cooling Spiro, makes production fast and efficient, and with packaging capabilities within the same factory, we’ll have your product baked, packaged and ready to go faster than anyone else. The eight types of cookie packaging available from Nafta Foods are:

  1. Bakery Style 4-Cell Clamshell
  2. Counter Display Package
  3. Small 7″ Tub
  4. Platters (available in various sizes and formats)
  5. Collectible Tins
  6. Bag-in-the-Box
  7. Tray-in-the-Box
  8. Portion Pack


No matter what your baking needs, taking advantage of Nafta Foods™ experience and state-of-the-art equipment is the best way to ensure an excellent final product. We guarantee baking service that will not only make you smile, but your customers as well.