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nafta foods building headoffice gingerbread manufacturingNafta Foods, now the largest gingerbread  house kit manufacturer in North America, is not only a one-stop-shop for holiday gingerbread and cookie kits, powdered mixes, fondant, baked goodies and sugar pastes, but has been the leader in private label production and custom packaging since its foundation in 1995.

Operating out of a 160,000 square-foot facility, equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery and in-house specialists such as food technologists, food compliance specialists, graphic designers, packaging engineers, and supply chain managers, Nafta Foods has perfected the art of manufacturing food. The vertical integration of baking and packaging in one facility means production is quick and efficient, resulting in competitive pricing, quality products and excellent service.

In 2001, Nafta Foods launched the Orbit Cookies® brand that includes a variety of cookies as well as cookie kits, cake decorating items and baking kits. This brand offers clients the opportunity to purchase products that cover a full spectrum of baking needs.

NAFTA was the first to bring to the market:

  • Fully pre-assembled gingerbread housesgingerbread hosue
  • Ready-to-use icing
  • KWIK-BUILD® easy to assemble gingerbread house
  • KWIK-FONDANT® edible play dough
  • Gingerbread Village (which includes five houses in one kit)


We have exceled in the production of gingerbread houses and cookie activities kits. Fun and effective, a cookie kit from Nafta Foods typically contains everything the creative process might demand. Everything, from the gingerbread house or shaped cookies, to the icing mix and rolled fondant, to the candies for extra flare, is found in the kit.

We are constantly creating new and inventive ways to enjoy the classic activity of building gingerbread houses. With nut free, trans fat free and Kosher products available, Nafta Foods has thought of everything. The only thing left to do is enjoy.

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